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Breakaway Ultra Grip Leads (150g and 170g)

Breakaway Ultra Grip Leads (150g and 170g)

Breakaway Ultra Leads

The Ultra is an updated sea fishing lead weight based on the conventional Breakaway design. Initially available in the two popular beach fishing sizes 150g (yellow) and 170g (red), the Ultra comprises a virtually indestructible polymer nose cap, rotating stainless steel anchor wires,  a rugged central stem with metal tail loop, and a push-on lead body.

The Ultra’s aggressive shape means great casting performance plus more in-flight protection for baits. The short tail loop is ideally suited to foolproof operation with Imp and Impact Shield bait clips. Seabed anchorage benefits from slightly heavier anchor wires; the nose cap recesses allow release pressure to be set to match a wide range of tidal pressures and fishing distances. Wire operation is clean and predictable even at high settings, allowing instant release and easy retrieval.

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