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Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait (13 to 15ft)

Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait (13 to 15ft)

  • Some truly great all-rounders that are perfect for a multitude of situations, regardless of country, plus are ideal for the angler who wants something to catch basically everything! Depending on your preference of reel up or reel down, the multiplier on the 13 and 14ft versions are accompanied by a sliding winch fitting, fitted with Fuji BNOG rings, and are made in 2 equal sections.


  • Both are also available in either fixed spool or multiplier. In the simplest of terms these do exactly what it says on the tin, they are some of the most versatile items on the market at their price point and that means that regardless of budget, whether it is a pennel rig loaded with crab and mussel for cod off the rocks, or a 3-hooked clipped rig for whiting and dabs off the beach, you basically stick 6oz on it and whack it!
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