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Crystal 1/4lb spool - Sea Tech

Crystal 1/4lb spool - Sea Tech

Kiddy Storm Crystal Mono Line, If you’re an angler who is passionate about sea fishing then chances are you’ll be more than a little familiar with Kiddy. Established in 1955, the brand originally sold fishing floats and lead weights. In the mid 1990s the focus of the brand shifted entirely to sea fishing and the company is now one of the largest independent suppliers of sea fishing tackle to the UK market. It is because of products such as this Storm Crystal Mono that the bran remains at the top of the sea fishing chain and it is the go to brand for countless saltwater anglers up and down the country. The Kiddy Storm Crystal Mono is one of the strongest and clearest lines that Kiddy has ever produced. The line is incredibly resistant to abrasion damage, which is essential in a sea fishing line as they are exposed to highly corrosive saltwater. This ensures that by investing in the Kiddy Storm Crystal Mono you are investing in a line that has been manufactured to last. As the name suggests, the line is crystal clear. This ensures that it is practically invisible in the water, which is ideal especially if you’re targeting particularly nervous species. The clarity of the line makes it ideal for use in your rig construction, as it will sit invisibly on the sea bed. The Kiddy Storm Crystal Mono comes in two different breaking strains, so it is your choice of 18lb line or 20lb line depending on your needs. This gives you a good range of versatility and allows you to use this as either your mainline or your hooklink. As the name suggests, the Kiddy Storm Crystal Mono is a monofilament line that offers exceptional strength whilst also being easy to manipulate – both in and out of the water.
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